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General Feeling by: Lou Lou Sainsbury, 2021

Designed by: Toni Brell

All tracks written, performed and recorded by:
Lou Lou Sainsbury in Lemgow, Germany & Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Seep. Seep. Seep. Seep. ‘General Feeling’ is a sonic love letter to ‘Xeny,’ the alien Xenomorph from Ridley Scott’s Alien, 1979. Weaving autobiographical diary entries of trans-affirmation and medical accounts of trans* individuals from Richard von Kraft-Ebbing’s medical journal Psychopathia Sexualis (1887), General Feeling carries voices of trans-ancestry and sensually speaks towards the sonic, fluid, overflowing capacities of an alien inside. Somewhere way out in the cosmos, another wor(l)d is receiving a signal,the voice seeping from the holes and pores of a speaker; an impossible womb for the words that make, morph and unbuild flesh. Ingest this transmission. Seep. Seep. Seep. Seep.

The sound piece and publication can be downloaded from the download link above or here:


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A question for the author:

How does the theme ‘metamorphosis’ relate to you/your work?


“Reality is an active verb” – Donna Haraway

Metamorphosis sometimes assumes there a biological transformation from Type A to Type B. When I talk about trans* in my work, I mean it as a verb and a sociality of difference, a continual doing of transformation with no end. Points collapse, and the body (human, alien, fluid, social, more-than-human, textual) is so full, so so full, it’s seeping.

Lou Lou Sainsbury