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On future bodies and living identities​

Bodies (human/non-human life forms) are inextricably linked to capitalism. Every existing body is linked to a certain value. For example, a body to a certain extent determines economic position; think of gender, health, skin colour, etc. The body can also internalise capitalism; humans force themselves to take on too much work, out of economic necessity or the feeling that ‘idle’ bodies are not appreciated in our society. Saying that the body is regulated by capitalism therefore means many different things. The four artists in this zine have been invited to speculate on the past, present and future of bodies and living identities.

In a way, the pandemic has also shown us how we value different bodies in different ways; who is allowed to stay inside and ‘stay safe’ and who is required to continue to go outside to work? At a time when society has more than ever been confronted with the fragility and vulnerability of the body, and the economic consequences that are tied to this, it is important to investigate the relationship between capitalism and the body. During the past year, most of our work and social life has moved to the digital sphere, which requires some form of bodily adjustment. Living in a digital environment can be taxing for the body.

Also in the arts we find ourselves in a challenging position. Moving activities online has become a necessity, but on the other hand we know that this experience may be a lot less inspiring or relaxing for most people. Therefore, we have designed this zine in a way that invites you to explore it in different ways. You can choose to use different modes of exploration, by listening, reading, looking, hearing, feeling, and come back to it again to experience a different work. Hidden in this digital zine are many works to click on, download, listen and watch, which we invite you to do at your own pace.

Take your time, take care, as we speculate about bodily metamorphoses and invite you to do the same.

Nieuwe Vide is an arts space in Haarlem, which organises exhibitions and also houses artistic studios. At Nieuwe Vide, we are convinced that art can help us to think about and shape new ways to view and organize the world.

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